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Data Charts for Pisco Kid


Listing All Accepted Entries for Pisco Kid (most recent on top)

Species Length Date Caught Image(s) Notes Actions
Trout thumbRainbow Trout 12.0
(96.0 pts)
May 07, 2011    Nothing huge, but she was thrilled, especially since she out caught her dad, 3-2. Show
Kokanee thumbKokanee 9.0
(99.0 pts)
May 07, 2011    There are skads of these little buggers in Patterson Lake. Last year, Janni had a tough time keeping these on her Jeff Gordon spincaster (To stiff), so today I had her use my little 6' ultalight. I hope they put on some size by this fall. Show
Kokanee thumbKokanee 9.0
(99.0 pts)
October 16, 2010    Poor kid keeps on losing the larger ones! May have to give her a fly rod to use. Show
Trout thumbRainbow Trout 11.0
(88.0 pts)
October 16, 2010 Oct. 18  2010 031 thumb   Went to Davis Lake thining it would be great, after just a CnR summer season. Nope, slow for everyone. Janni picked up our only fish, which was probably a small planter this past spring. Show
Kokanee thumbKokanee 8.75
(96.25 pts)
October 03, 2010 Copy of oct. 4  2010 050 thumb   Janni lost 3 of these little silvers bfore landing one. Show
Yellowperch thumbYellow Perch 8.25
(111.375 pts)
August 01, 2010    Jannie has been peeved with me, for the lack of our fishing this year. We hit Patterson for a small bucket of perch. Too bad the smallie she hooked threw the hook at the boat. Show
Yellowperch thumbYellow Perch 7.25
(97.875 pts)
August 07, 2009    'Yak Monkey and Janni and I spent a lazy afternoon at Patterson Lake. Janni was rewarded with the first perch and had 2 that tied at 7.25. Show
Trout thumbRainbow Trout 12.0
(96.0 pts)
August 07, 2009    Janni picked up this little 'bow dropshotting at Patterson. Show
Greenling thumbGreenling 14.0
(154.0 pts)
May 16, 2009 San juans  may 2009 061 thumb San juans  may 2009 040 thumb  Day 2 of our trip we caught a bunch of fish. While Day 1 was just coppers, on Day 2 we also caught a ling, a cabbie, and a bunch of greenling. Janni proclaimed this "our most memorable day of fishing, ever." The hot lure was a Berkely Gulp 4" minnow, black back, white belly. Show
Vermillion thumbRockfish 10.0
(80.0 pts)
May 15, 2009 San juans  may 2009 034 thumb San juans  may 2009 033 thumb  Janni was one happy kid with her little copper. It became obvious that she needs an upgrade of gear for the salt when her second hookup ended with a shredded line and a LDR (Long Distance Release). Show